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Matrix Recovery Service is an industry-leading virtual team comprised of industry professionals strategically located across all U.S. time zones. With extensive expertise in banking, collections, and direct repossession, the team brings a wealth of knowledge and effective communication skills acquired through decades of experience. They have successfully executed tens of thousands of recoveries for prominent nationwide lenders, midsize banks, as well as regional and local credit unions.

Innovative Approach

In addition to leveraging the latest resources and database tools, Matrix Recovery Service takes a proactive and innovative approach that empowers their field partners to achieve greater success rates. This unique perspective translates into higher recovery rates for lenders, ultimately maximizing their outcomes.

Collateral Mastery

The Matrix team possesses a comprehensive understanding of diverse collateral types, including large recreational vehicles, 5th wheel and gooseneck trailers, offroad vehicles, watercraft, powersports items, heavy equipment, and motorcycles. Their in-depth knowledge equips them to tackle the specific challenges associated with each type of collateral, ensuring efficient and effective repossession processes.

Our Network

With an extensive network of repossession agencies covering the entire United States, Matrix Recovery Service ensures a national reach with hundreds of skilled professionals in every state. Recognizing the challenges in certain regions, particularly rural areas where finding qualified recovery agencies can be difficult, Matrix Recovery has dedicated years to identifying, vetting, and establishing partnerships with reputable agencies. These trusted partnerships guarantee that clients receive top-notch workmanship, expedited service, and the utmost care in safeguarding their secured collateral. Most importantly, Matrix Recovery Service conducts all repossession activities in strict adherence to legal and ethical standards, prioritizing compliance even in potentially litigious situations.

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